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Indica Weed Strains | Cheap Weed Strains

cheap weed strains for sale here   Indica weed is commonly considered as a nighttime strain because of its relaxing, sedating, euphoric, and sleep inducing qualities (aka couch lock). This strain is typically CBD dominant making it far more medicinally useful as compared to the sativa plant which tends to have higher concentrations of THC.

These plants are characterized by their short height, bushy appearance and dense buds. Most cannabis plants that grow naturally are actually indica or ruderalis — it’s a strain that has adapted to the harsh environments of its origin. That’s why it grows faster, and yields more than its skinnier cousin.

Effects of Indica Weed | best cheap weed strains

If cannabis sativa is the marijuana of choice for social settings, parties and creativity, indica is basically the opposite — it’s what you want for a long night of binge watching movies, playing video games, and pigging out covered in cheeto dust

This strain is known for its body-numbing relaxed high that makes you feel euphoric, sedated and medicated. It’s the kind of pot you’d want to smoke right before bed, or after work when you’re winding down.

What is the difference between Indica and Sativa?

As a consumer of marijuana, it’s very unlikely that you haven’t come across these two terms. Alongside “hybrid” and “ruderalis,” Indica and Sativa are often marketed as strains of Cannabis.

Many people believe that Indica and Sativa just might be the same thing. But, this isn’t entirely true. Why?

Well, for starters, as we’ve established earlier, Indica is more of a relaxing strain of weed. It doesn’t get you hyped up for the next big party. It doesn’t make you feel like you can conquer the Himalayas, and it isn’t to pump you full of energy. Instead, it helps you lay back and calm your nerves after a long day.

Medical Uses of indica strains | top 10 indica strains 2022

Medical marijuana users prefer indica strains because of their body numbing and relaxing properties. This makes it a common treatment for chronic pain, muscle spasms, and insomnia. In small doses it can be helpful in dealing with stress, anxiety and depression.

The main reason why this strain is more preferred for medical use than sativa is that it’s CBD dominant. CBD is also a psychoactive compound like THC — it has the same pain-numbing qualities but it doesn’t make you feel high. This has a lot to do with the cannabinoid receptors in the human brain and the chemical composition of these two compounds.


What exactly influences the effects of Cannabis

There are many beliefs and claims about Cannabis in mainstream and local media. Many people tend to believe that Cannabis has its effects simply because it is Cannabis. But this is obviously far from the truth. There are certain chemicals and compounds that influence the effect you get from the plant. However, these compounds are : Cannabinoids, Terpenes, Cannabidiol (CBD), Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and more


Best Ways to Consume Indica Flower

Indica weed can either be smoked, vaporized or extracted into edibles.

If you prefer smoking, there is nothing quite like the good old joint. If joints aren’t your thing and you prefer something quick to prepare and put away, consider a glass/wooden pipe or a bong.

Vaporizing is a better alternative to smoking; you still get the “smoking” experience but without the combustion process. The process of heating vs burning ensures that no toxic chemicals are released while vaping the herb.

The cleanest way to consume pot without having to smoke or vape it is to extract its THC into food and consume it orally. You can either buy readymade edibles/oils or make something called “canna butter” at home and use it with pretty much any recipe that requires butter.

How to choose the right cannabis products

If you’re going to be consuming marijuana at all, you want to do it right. In that case, it is incredibly important that you check a couple of things off your list before choosing your preferred cannabis product.

  1. Understand what you’re trying to achieve 

Weed often has a varying degree of effects on the human body. In some cases, it can be soothing. In others, it can put you in a heightened state of excitement.

Some cannabis products, like cannabis Sativa, are great for a night alone with your significant other, watching movies and enjoying yourselves. Others are much more fun in party settings.

  1. Know how much Cannabis you can tolerate 

This is incredibly important if you’re going to be buying Indica flower for the first time. You see, the flower often has calming effects on people, making them feel good after a stressful day at work. But, if you take too much of it, the chances are that it would be too overwhelming for you to handle.

  1. Decide how you want to take your marijuana 

After purchasing Indica weed, there are several ways you can consume it to have a pleasant experience. You could use pipes and bongs to vaporize it. This would either be done through conduction or convection. Either way, you’ll get a smooth high. Apart from that, you could use a blunt that’s either pre-rolled or that is custom-made by you.

  1. Consider your medical history 

Indeed, Cannabis is a natural product. Like many other natural products, it can feel pretty good. However, it can also be rather intense. So, before you decide to use Indica at all, you must consider how it’ll affect your existing medication and medical conditions.

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